Lybica Ventures

Turning life science innovations into solutions.

About Us

Life Science Catalyst

Our company is led by a Malaysian scientist with multiple patents and is supported by visionary investors. The company aims to be a Life Science catalyst with a global reach.

Recent Projects

Frankincense Bioactive Nanodelivery

We are working on nanoliposome delivery which will enable payload release at the right part of the gastrointestinal tract for superior bioavailability.

3D render of a medical background with Corona virus cells

Covid-19 Seroprevalence Study

We are collaborating with a leading functional proteomics company which uses a patented biochip technology for highly accurate results.


Abalone Stock Assesment and Enhancement

We are putting together a multidisciplinary team of experts to conduct assessment and enhancement for dwindling abalone wild stock.

Our Mission

For the Benefit of Humanity

We aim to build bridges between key industry leaders for interdisciplinary collaboration in research and commercialization to benefit humanity.

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