Frequently Asked Questions

Life Science is an enormous field of study comprising branches in biotechnology, botany, genetics, immunology and microbiology, among many others. Given that we are a Life Science company, we manage projects across the spectrum. Additionally, because one of our primary mandates is to serve the interests of the Sultanate of Oman, we attempt to work on areas where there is a direct commercial application to Oman.

Each of our projects aim to achieve a different specific goal but the overarching theme always remains to be bringing benefits to humanity. For example, the stock assessment segment of our Abalone Project aims to address the ecological issue of declining abalone stock while the stock enhancement segment aims to benefit rural folk, particularly marginalized women in fishermen communities in the Sultanate of Oman.

Our main role is to build bridges between key industry leaders for interdisciplinary collaboration in research and commercialization between Malaysia, other nations and the Sultanate of Oman.

Our team works closely with scientists and researchers from the Tropical Infectious Diseases Research & Education Centre (University Malaya) and the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (Universiti Sains Malaysia), as well as ecologists, marine biologists and aquaculture experts from across the country. We also have various projects in collaboration with the Government of Oman, especially its Industrial Innovation Centre.

No, we are not. We are a private business corporation registered in Malaysia. At present, there are no shares held by any government agency whether Malaysian or Omani.

Yes, we do. You can find our address in the “Contact Us” page. However, we only accept visitors on an appointment basis. Please call us or drop us an e-mail to arrange for a meeting.

Yes, you can. Feel free to reach out to us through the “Contact Us” page and our team will get back to you for further discussions. Preferably, your idea should have direct commercial relevance to the economic landscape of the Sultanate of Oman with a linkage to the Life Sciences.

Firstly, we are looking for unique Life Science related technology platforms that can benefit the Sultanate of Oman. If your company, institution or you have an idea or technology to suggest, a short chat will usually clear the air. By sending us an email, we can arrange for a call within a few days.


Secondly, it can be a technology transfer of any Life Science technology that is currently needed in Oman. In this case, we will usually arrange for a proposal to be submitted that can be a consultancy. This can involve training of Omani personnel in Malaysia, for example. 


Thirdly, any technology that can help the process of Omanization is worth our consideration. This basically means how foreign labor may be minimized and replaced by skilled Omanis creating jobs for the local citizens while being less reliant on foreign labor.  

The principal-founder, Mr. E.H. Ung, has been a consultant to the Omani government and has forged strong relationships there. With our understanding of the Omani way of doing business, we believe we can be a bridge between Oman and Malaysia, to begin with. This allows the Company a certain degree of focus while making use of the knowledge it has of Oman.

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